• Meet the Executive and Venture Board Team 2016-2017!
  • Co – President – Tori KoelewynI am Tori, one of the co presidents this year!  I am a fifth year Engineering Physics Student and have been involved with Engineers Without Borders for 3 years!  I have worked with Youth Venture and Global Engineering as a member and as a director.  I am excited for all the ventures to succeed this year!  Come chat with Engineers Without Borders (NOT JUST FOR ENGINEERS) on Tuesdays at 6PM in MCLD 418, or if you see me on campus come say hi to me!!  Hope to see you around

    Email: president.ubc.ewb@gmail.com


  • VP-Support and VP-Strategy  – Victoria Purcell
  • I am a forth year student in the Faculty of Science studying Cognition and the Brain. I initially became involved with EWB through the Global Engineering venture. Through that year I saw many goals and ambitions of EWB that I personally wanted to be a part of, especially the holistic approach that EWB approaches difficulties with. I could not be more excited to see what this year holds for me as VP Support.
  • Email: vp.strategy.ubc.ewb@gmail.com 

    VP Communications – Vincent Lee 

    I am a third year Arts student currently studying both International Relations and English. I joined EWB because of the platform it provides to have open discussions, and the opportunities it gives me to learn about the the world around me and global affairs. My interests include cycling, boxing and writing. I aspire to join the Canadian Foreign Services in the future.


    Email: comm.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

    VP Fundraising 

    Email: fundraising.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

    Co-VP External – Susan He

    I am a forth year student in the faculty of electrical engineering. In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with all my friends within and outside of EWB. For the upcoming year, I am most excited to spend more time with the EWB team and take on a new adventure as VP External!


    Email: vp.external.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

    Advocacy Co-lead –

    Email: advocacy.ubc.ewb@gmail.com


    Youth Venture Co-Lead

  •  Sophie Ebsary
  • Hi! I’m a fourth year biomedical engineering student originally from Ottawa. I am part of EWB because I want to have the opportunity to learn more about the way engineers can have an impact on global and environmental issues. I also want to be able to teach students about key challenges that our global community is currently facing. I believe that the best path towards a better future is to inform and empower our creative and determined youth.

    Ilakkiyan Jenakumar


    I am a second year engineering physics student. My interests include hiking and scavenging for free food at networking events.
    Christopher Gil:
    I am an upper year student majoring in Anthropology. My interests include music and sailing.

    Email: youthventure.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

  • Venture website: https://youthventureubc.wordpress.com/

    Fair Trade Co-Leads – Paul Liu and Nur MohdSharul

    I am Paul Liu, an 3rd year engineering physics student. I have been involved with EWB-UBC since I first stepped into university. I initially just wanted something that is not related to school as a hobby, but as I got involved, I met some of the most amazing, friendly and beautiful people ever. There is a warmth and sense of family in EWB that is not found easily. I also realized that the support from EWB enables people to take impactful ideas and make them a reality. I came in as a way to distract myself from school but stayed for the warmth and the family.

    Email: fairtrade.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

  • African Programs Co-Lead – Brendon


    I am Brendon Tankwa and I am a MasterCard Foundation Scholar studying Engineering Physics and the African Programs Venture lead. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and am fascinated by radical economic transformation of developing countries.
    At African Programs we explore the ideas of Education, Entrepreneurship and Technology and their role in economic development. The programs we are involved in such as Kumvana and the Junior Fellowship program are all centred on these ideas. Every week we meet to have insightful conversations that encourage critical thought and personal development, while learning more about Africa.


    Email: african.programs.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

    Global Engineering Lead – Alex Gonzalez

    I am a second year Materials Engineering student who has been involved in Engineers without Borders since his first year. HiMy interests include fostering comfortable and diverse environments, particularly in Engineering, and Materials research.

  • Evolving Engineering is focused on two main goals: creating globally minded engineers and bringing a humanitarian mindset to industry professionals. The venture also sponsors the Global Engineering Certificate, which recognizes engineering students who go above and beyond their degree by forming an understanding of social issues on a global and local scale.

    Email: ge.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

  • Sustainability Co-Lead – May Wang

  • I am in my third year at UBC, doing a combined major in physics and oceanography. I love
    hiking, travelling, skiing and meeting new people.I am passionate about sustainability and I am
    excited to be co-leading the sustainability venture this year!

    Email: sustainability.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

    Sustainability Co-Lead – Robyn Castro

  • I am in my fourth year at UBC, pursuing a degree in computer engineering. My two goals in life
    are helping others, and the pursuit of innovation, which is why I joined Engineers Without
    Borders (EWB). In EWB I am involved in all of the sustainability venture’s activities, especially
    the food redistribution app which I am helping develop. As one can see, I am passionate about
    sustainability, consequently making me excited to be co-leading the sustainability venture this
    year! (Also, if you’re interested in autonomous robots, or board games hit me up!) 

    Email: sustainability.ubc.ewb@gmail.com

    Member Learning Lead

    Email: memberlearning.ubc.ewb@gmail.com


    IT Director – Iryna Luchak

    Hi! Welcome to the EWB website! You can call me Irene, and I’m in second year studying Computer Engineering! I became involved last year by attending events and weekly Member Learning sessions. I learn something new every time I am with the EWB community, and feel a strong sense of belonging because the EWB UBC people are very friendly and fun! I enjoy yoga, meditation, walks on the beach and philosophy. I also love doodling and dancing randomly on streets ( join me if ya feel it)! Get in touch with me about EWB or anything life-related, I’d love to get to know you! Cheers

    Email: it.ubc.ewb@gmail.com


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