The Engineers Without Borders UBC Chapter is a launching pad for ideas to create a new generation of critical thinkers focused on alleviating poverty and to abolish apathy. We are growing a culture of feedback and demonstrate our values by changing the world through the ventures we operate and the outcome areas we support. EWB UBC is facilitating connections amongst UBC community members and introducing them to new perspectives in order to foster better global, holistic thinkers and actors.

As a member, you have the chance to contribute at both the chapter and national level, as well as having the opportunity to create change in your faculty, community, workplace, and government.

Within our chapter, you can follow your known interests or explore other topics by joining our ventures. Each venture has a specific focus, whether it’s sustainability, advocacy, or evolving engineering. We encourage each venture member to take part in our bi-weekly general meetings to consolidate our knowledge on these topics. In addition, we are involved in multiple projects looking to make an impact locally and on campus. For example, our Sustainability venture is currently working on a hydroponics projects and just got rolling with Scrapless, their new app looking to minimize food waste on campus. Whether you are interested in learning more about these areas, coordinating a project or even just joining for the community, our chapter strives to support everyone to reach their goals.

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